How it works?

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What is...

the "common stitch" about?

"Common stitch" products are community crowd-sourced textile goods.  The components primarily come from kits where a member has practiced a technique (embroidery for example), but doesn't want to keep their work.  They instead place it in the "community stitch" folder included in the kit so that the fabric makes its way into a functional and fashionable product.  Please do not use materials outside of the kits (like markers or crayons) as they are not wash-fast and can degrade the quality of the crowd-sourced product.

Quilted Objects
Can I...

use the fabrics/yarns included in the kits?  YES.

use the swatches included in the sewing manuals?  NO. if it is taped down in a book or binder, it's off limits.

donate my unwanted fabric or sewing items by leaving them in a kit?  YES with CAVEATS.  Please label what you are donating with all of the information you can.  If it is scrap fabric, make sure it is free of bio-soiling or odors (holes and non-biological stains are fine).  If you are donating a lot, please just email me THANK YOU :)

Illustrated White Cats
Where do I

go to find more resources on sewing, knitting, dyeing, patternmaking, etc.?  Check out our Weft Lite and Weft Full memberships.

find out more about sustainable apparel design?  Visit our "Maps and Directions" page.

find out more about the rental contracts for equipment? Right here.

voice my disappointments?  Please don't hesitate to contact us.  We want you to have the best experience possible!

get answers to more complex questions about sustainable apparel? Contact us!  Or if you are Cincinnati-local, keep an eye out for classes and workshops.

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