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1983 Bernina

1983 Bern

5-day Rental Period                $35

This is a vintage 1983 Bernina, one the the first computerized models Bernina released.  With all metal parts, a plastic exterior, a generous harp space, and a variety of feet, this machine is an “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of machine.

This machine can stitch *lightweight fabrics to mid-heavyweight fabrics (like 4 layers of bull denim).  If you want to mend a pair of jeans, quilt a reusable shopping tote, AND make a sweatshirt fleece robe all on one machine, this is the one to choose.  Not recommended for sewing leather or very stretchy fabrics.

*it’s recommended to sew very lightweight sheer fabrics with a layer of newsprint or seam stabilizer.

Vintage Babylock

1971 baby

5-day Rental Period                $35

This green machine is a vintage 1971 Babylock, a portable 4-thread overlock. With all-metal parts and three stitch options (overlock, chainstitch, and overlock + chainstitch), this machine is choice for putting together jeans, denim jackets, wool trousers, canvas bags, and the like. Make upcycling denim a snap with this machine.

Please note!  This machine is not recommended for sewing leather, lightweight fabrics or very stretchy fabrics.  

Kenmore 10 Stitch

1965+ Ken

5-day Rental Period                $25

The actual year of manufacture for this machine is a mystery, but sources indicate this 10 stitch Kenmore was made after 1965.  Offering straight stitches, zigzag stitches and a buttonhole option, not to mention a seam allowance guide etched into the metal plate, this machine is all you need to make a button-down shirt, crisp cotton dress, or simple patchwork quilting. This machine works best for sewing together woven fabrics, and is not recommended for sewing very stretchy fabrics.  Please indicate in the comments if you plan to sew apparel-weight leather.

*it’s recommended to sew very lightweight sheer fabrics with a layer of newsprint or seam stabilizer.

Fancy Kit

fancy kit

5-day Rental Period                $35

Get fancy.  This kit contains tools and books to explore decorative work like appliqué, embroidery, tatting, beading, cutwork and lace (knit or crochet).  Explore expressive methods of visible mending, add intriguing details to a plain t-shirt, or mend a piece of vintage apparel.

Kits come with second-hand materials to allow you to practice a method before cutting into your own materials.  You are welcome to keep your practice work, or leave it in the kit for "common stitch" projects.

Chunky Brother

1981 chunky Brother

5-day Rental Period                $75

Have you ever seen a knitting machine?  That's what this Brother KH-230 (produced in 1981) is.  Designed to work with medium to bulky yarns (DK to Chunky weight), knit up cozy sweaters, scarves, throws, leg warmers, socks, and the like in a snap.  Knitting on a machine offers the benefit of speed and consistent tension and stitch length.  Explore textural stitch patterns, colorful striping, or intarsia.

Please note cotton, linen and viscose/rayon yarns are not recommended for use on this machine.

The ribbing attachment is a separate rental.